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In this Guns of Glory on PC gameplay, I started the gameplay by collecting all kinds of rewards like the 7 Day Login Rewards, starting Chapter II called The Kings Will and turned off the game's music.

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I eventually completed Chapter II, The Kings Will, and it did take me a few minutes to complete. Chapter III is called Learn Talents and it had 6 Target Quests. I worked on the Target Quests one by one and eventually completed the chapter.

Next chapter is Chapter IV and it's called Get the Fragments. While working on Chapter IV, I did a few things like renaming my character, claimed a bunch of rewards, upgraded my air ship, built an academy, research construction, battled enemies, recruited a new hero and others more. I also got a hero named Elena.

I did some research from the academy and the technology I researched was construction 1 and it will take 40 minutes to complete. I guess it wouldn't be called research if it was short and quick to finish.

I upgraded the hospital to level 2 and level 3 before moving to kingdom view to fight surrounding enemies like bloodsuckers. After sending my troops to occupy a village, I went back to my estate and upgrade the lookout tower to level 2 and level 3.

Next, I upgraded the warehouse to level 3, upgraded the airship dock to level 3, upgraded barracks to level 3, upgraded shooting range to level 2, built one more military tent, upgraded military tent to level 2 and level 3, built a trap factory and upgraded trap factory to level 2 and level 3.

I then went into kingdom view and fought bloodsuckers and red guard troops again. Upgraded barracks to level 4. Collected resources and went to attack bloodsuckers in kingdom view again.

Back in my estate, I trained pikemen in the barracks and upgraded stables to level 4. I spent some time waiting and then upgraded shooting range to level 4 before ending the hour of Guns of Glory gameplay.

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