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In this CSC: Space MMO gameplay, it was my first time playing CSC: Space MMO and I had no idea on how to play the game. I knew nothing and spent a lot of time lost and confused on what to do next. The tutorial was a big help but it only started after I clicked on the reset button.

The game started by showing the Disclosure Notice window. I read through it as fast as I can and agreed with it because not agreeing means not playing.

After the loading screen, my ship appeared and it was inside some kind of space mega structure or a mega structure in space. I got out of the mega structure when I found the UNDOCK button but I still spent around 20 minutes just figuring out what to do next while floating inside and around the mega structure.

I did get a mission and it was to deliver iron ores to the GFI Home Station but I was already at the GFI Home Station. After struggling for a while, I eventually completed the mission and delivered the iron ores.

The tutorial also started and at the same time I was trying to mine some asteroids floating in space. I kept the tutorial running because I did not really know how to stop it. Besides, it was also helping me learn how to play the game.

While I was mining an asteroid, a couple of ships appeared out of nowhere and started attacking. Surprised by the attack, I immediately flew back to the GFI Home Station.

I also noticed while mining, a USD value was displayed with the resources I mined. What does it mean? Am I mining real money in the game? If that was real money then how do I cash it out to buy food and pay bills?

Anyway, I continued mining until the hour ended . The tutorial was still active and running but my actions were no longer sync with the tutorial. It was still very helpful as a reference guide.

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