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CALL OF DUTY MOBILE Gameplay on PC! Only ONE Battleroyale WIN while LAGGING!

CALL OF DUTY MOBILE Gameplay on PC! Only ONE Battleroyale WIN while LAGGING!

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In this Call of Duty Mobile gameplay on my PC, I think I had four ranked battleroyale matches and I remember the first one was a DUD. The game was lagging badly and I died immediately. Argh! Lag sucks and it means death whenever it happens.

The second ranked battleroyale match was a lot better. I managed to eliminate a few players from the match and I even WON the entire thing while lagging badly. I guess, you can say, I got lucky when I engaged the last opponent.

The third ranked battleroyale match ended in failure but not as bad as the first one because I managed to eliminate a couple of players before getting eliminated. The last match was as bad as the first match, maybe even worst, because I got killed super early.

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