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PUBG LITE Free BC??? How to get FREE and Unlimited BC? O_o

PUBG LITE Free BC??? How to get FREE and Unlimited BC? O_o
PUBG LITE Free BC??? How to get FREE and Unlimited BC? O_o

PUBG LITE is PUBG for low end computers. If you want to play PUBG but can't because of its high system requirements then PUBG Lite is what you need to play. It has all the fun of PUBG but none of the hassles running it.

Recently, I came upon an article in Sportskeeda and VHerald about getting Free and Unlimited BC for PUBG LITE. My guess is, BC is the currency used in buying items in PUBG LITE.


According to the articles specially Sportskeeda, there are three ways of getting Free and Unlimited BC in PUBG LITE and they are Google Opinion Rewards, Swag Bucks and GymPact. The three mentioned names are mobile applications you install on your mobile devices like your smartphones and tablets.

So, what exactly are these three mobile apps? Let's start with Google Opinion Rewards. As posted in Sportskeeda, "Google Opinion Rewards is an official app by Google which pays you for completing surveys. The app pays you in terms of Google Play wallet balance or PayPal balance for completing surveys."

"Swag Bucks is similar to that of Google Opinion Rewards. The only difference is that it has a lot more option to earn money than its alternative."

"GymPact is an app which pays in USD for each workout session. The app pays you well and on the other side, it is better for your fitness. Players those who like to keep their body in shape can try this one out."

So, basically, you install the mobile apps, complete some actions like surveys or opinions or other similar tasks, get paid in US Dollars and use the money to buy BC in PUBG LITE.

Now, I do have a small problem with the articles posted in Sportskeeda and VHerald. You see, if I'm not mistaken, the name of the premium currency of PUBG LITE is called Lite Coins and the regular currency is called BP or Battle Points. So, where did BC came from?

So guys, do any of you play PUBG LITE? If any of you do then is the name of the currency in PUBG LITE called BP or BC or Lite Coins? Post your answers as well as your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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