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An Alpaca Attacks, A Pack Horse and More Trees! Legends of Ultima (Legends of Aria) Gameplay!

An Alpaca Attacks, A Pack Horse and More Trees! Legends of Ultima (Legends of Aria) Gameplay!
An Alpaca Attacks, A Pack Horse and More Trees! Legends of Ultima (Legends of Aria) Gameplay!

In this Legends of Ultima (Legends of Aria) gameplay, I started by claiming my horse from the stable and immediately started chopping down trees to train my lumberjack skill and to earn gold pieces from selling wooden logs.

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Chopping down trees did not only raised my lumberjack skills, it also raised my strength and dexterity. My strength was no longer increasing because it was already at 100 but my dexterity was.

A few minutes into my tree chopping activity, I had enough wooden logs to sell to the carpenter. So, I rode my horse and traveled back to Britain to sell my wooden logs and the carpenter paid me 810 gold pieces.

To quickly interact with non-player characters or NPCs, I was right clicking on them but sometimes it was unresponsive which I believe was a bug unless, of course, it was an intended feature but it didn't feel that way.

At the banker, I tried something with my harvest and loot bags. I placed both of them in the bank to see if all my harvested and looted items would go there but the result I was expecting did not happened. All harvested and looted items still went into my inventory.

Back at the stable, I wanted to buy a saddle deed for my horse and it cost 4,999 gold pieces. I thought it was very expensive specially when earning gold pieces took a lot of time and a lot of grinding.

When I scrolled down the list of items for sale by the merchant, a pack horse was listed also for 4,999 gold pieces. There was also a giant pack beetle listed for sale for 2,400 gold pieces. I went back to the bank, took all my gold pieces and bought a pack horse instead of a saddle deed.

By the way, before I bought a pack horse, I first tried to sell my first horse but the two non-player characters did not want to buy it. I tried transferring my first horse to the merchant but it did not want to accept it either. He was not willing to trade.

Just like my previous gameplay, I spent most of the time chopping down trees but I also got to fight a few creatures like the weak boggling and even rats. My horses were also getting into fights, they would attack or fight those attacking me.

My horses would follow me around which I wanted them to do but I wish they were not so very close to me when following because they sometimes would block some things from view and I would either have to move or turn the camera around.

Somewhere near the end of my gameplay, I chanced upon an alpaca and I accidentally angered it. I tried running away from the alpaca but the alpaca gave chase. I had no choice but to fight the alpaca and put it down.

At the end of the gameplay, I tried to sell my wooden logs to the carpenter but I learned I can split in stacks items placed in my pack horse. I had to move the items to my bank if I want to split them in stacks.

Anyway, that's the end of this Legends of Ultima (Legends of Aria) gameplay. Please watch the gameplay video to see everything that happened specially those not mentioned in this post.

Please post your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below. I hope you enjoyed reading this post and, until next time, thank you.

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