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Begging and Karma! Earning GOLD! Legends of Ultima (Legends of Aria) Gameplay!

Begging and Karma! Earning GOLD! Legends of Ultima (Legends of Aria) Gameplay!
Begging and Karma! Earning GOLD! Legends of Ultima (Legends of Aria) Gameplay!

In this Legends of Ultima gameplay, I started the game in darkness because it was night time and, in the dark, I dropped 10 plain wooden logs to lighten my load. I was carrying too much items and it made me unable to run.

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After reducing the weight I was carrying, I immediately went back to the city of Britain. Getting back to Britain took a little bit of navigating because it was dark and I was not familiar with the surrounding area.

When I got back to Britain, I went straight to the carpentry table to do some crafting but I couldn't use the carpentry table because I was missing an item called dovetail saw. I went to the general trader but it was not selling a dovetail saw.

While in-front of one of the people or merchant in Britain, I tried begging and it worked. My begging skills increased, I got a few coins and my karma went down a little. I have no idea what my karma is or what karma is and how it will affect me in Legends of Ultima.

I spent quite some time begging from different people of Britain and they would give me a few gold coins. Begging would also increase my begging skill but reduce my karma by a little bit whenever someone gives me gold coins.

I went to the blacksmith to buy a dovetail saw but the blacksmith was not selling one. Next, I went to the architect but it also was not selling the item I need. The carpenter was the one selling the dovetail saw but it cost 1,000 gold pieces.

Before leaving the carpenter, I tried selling some items and the carpenter was buying wooden logs and other items. I sold all the wooden logs I had and made 890 gold pieces. Now I know one way of earning gold pieces in Legends of Ultima.

When I was leaving Britain to chop down more trees, I stopped by the bank and deposited some items to my bank to reduce my weight. With a lower weight, I was able to carry more wooden logs and eventually make more gold pieces from selling them.

Creating a new avatar and switching from just fishing to lumberjacking or chopping down trees was a good idea, I think. When I was just fishing, I had no idea how to earn gold pieces but now I earned gold pieces from chopping down trees.

While chopping down trees, I was sometimes attacked by monsters like the weak boggling. Getting attacked gave me an opportunity to also train my swordsmanship, healing and other skills like anatomy.

Thanks to lumberjacking or chopping down trees, my points in strength reached 100 points. It was also training my dexterity and it was slowly getting points too but not as frequent as with strength.

Like last time, when I got enough wooden logs, I went back to Britain and earned some gold pieces by selling my wooden logs to the carpenter who was inside the carpenter building. This time I made 980 gold pieces.

Afterwards, I went to the pet merchant and bought a horse because I thought I could use the horse to carry things for me but I was wrong. My horse just followed me around and I used my horse to travel faster.

With my new horse, I continued chopping down trees around the city of Britain. I also checked some player vendors and saw some items with extremely high prices like 99,999,999 gold pieces. Were they selling items or not? Maybe they're just for show.

Near the end of my gameplay, my hachet broke and I had to get back to the city to buy a new hachet and to sell the wooden logs I harvested. Selling the wooden logs made me 460 gold pieces and I bought a new hachet from the blacksmith.

At the end of my Legends of Ultima gameplay, my lumberjack was at 48, tactics at 32, swordsmanship at 32, begging at 9, anatomy at 10 and strength at 100. I will continue playing Legends of Ultima and keep growing as a lumberjack.

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