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New Avatar with Lumberjack and Swordsmanship Skills • Legends of Ultima (Legends of Aria)

New Avatar with Lumberjack and Swordsmanship Skills • Legends of Ultima (Legends of Aria)
New Avatar with Lumberjack and Swordsmanship Skills • Legends of Ultima (Legends of Aria)

In this Legends of Ultima in Legends of Aria gameplay, I created a new avatar with lumberjack and swordsmanship skills. My old avatar was a fisher and I was trying to get my fishing skill to 100 before continuing with other skills which I'm still going to do in future gameplays.

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After creating my new avatar, I entered the game and my new avatar appeared inside the inn. I went out of the Inn and wore the clothes I selected during the creation of my new avatar. The clothes were a red apron and a red pants.

As a new avatar with the lumberjack skill, I decided to immediately chop down trees to train my lumberjack skills but failed. Legends of Ultima will not let me chop down trees inside the city because the trees were owned by Lord British. Darn you Lord British.

To chop down trees to train my lumberjack skill, I went out of the city, traveled until I was fully out of the city's influence and started chopping down trees. This time, my action was a success because the trees outside the city's influence were not owned by Lord British.

I spent most of my gameplay chopping down trees and my action kept increasing my lumberjack skills slowly but steadily. Chopping down trees also increased or trained my strength and dexterity.

To help me switch or use items easily and quickly, I placed some items like the bread, sword, bandages, and axe in the toolbar. Switching or using any of them was as simple as pressing one of the number keys.

I also had a chance to experience sword combat when I fought a deer and small creature called weak bogling. I have no idea what these creatures were. They were just there wandering around the wilderness.

My gameplay ended when suddenly I was disconnected from the server. My lumberjack skills at the end went from 30 to 39 and my strength went from 50 to 82. I'm going to continue training my new avatar in future gameplays of Legends of Ultima.

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