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How to FIX Skyrim's Double Cursor Bug!

How to FIX Skyrim's Double Cursor Bug!
How to FIX Skyrim's Double Cursor Bug!

I'm not sure if I mentioned it before, maybe I did, but Skyrim is one of my favorite games right now. In fact, I've restarted my characters in the game numerous times and, still, I'm having a lot of fun going through everything.

Speaking of Skyrim, the game has this very annoying double cursor bug and it happens whenever I switch windows or alt-tab to another window and back to Skyrim. It's not a game breaking bug, it's just super annoying to see two cursors on my Skyrim window.

Luckily, there is a Skyrim mod that can easily fix this very annoying double cursor bug and that Skyrim mod is called OneTweak which is also a Skyrim mod that will let you play Skyrim in fullscreen borderless windowed mode.


To use OneTweak to fix the double cursor bug in Skyrim, simply download OneTweak from NexusMods and install it in your favorite Skyrim mod manager app. In my case, I use Mod Organizer to install and run mods in Skyrim but you are free to use whatever Skyrim mod manager app you like.

After installing and activating OneTweak, just run Skyrim through your Skyrim mod manager app, switch between windows while in the game and enjoy a double cursor bug free game of Skyrim.

Of course, OneTweak will also display your game in a fullscreen borderless window by default and if you don't want that to happen then simply turn it off by editing BorderlessWindow to false in the OneTweak.ini file found under the ModOrganizer\mods\OneTweak\SKSE\plugins folder if you are using Mod Organizer.

With OneTweak, you are fixing at least two popular Skyrim problems and those are the double cursor bug and the fullscreen borderless window mode. You can use both fix or tweaks or choose one of the two. The choice is yours.

So guys, have you encountered the double cursor bug while playing Skyrim? If you have then how did you fix it? Post your answers as well as your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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