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My LOGO in Broomstick League! AWESOME!

My LOGO in Broomstick League! AWESOME!
My LOGO in Broomstick League! AWESOME!

I forgot when the developers of Broomstick League and Citadel Forged with Fire asked content creators to submit their logos for Broomstick League which is now available in STEAM.

It happened a while ago, there was a call from the developers of Broomstick League to all content creators big or small to submit their personal logo and have it added into the game.

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Even though, I'm a super small content creator, I submitted my previous logo and I was surprised to see it in Broomstick League as promised and delivered by the developers.

Obviously, my old logo was not the only custom or personal logo in the game. There were a lot of them and anyone who plays the game can choose and use any logo they like on their characters.

I'm not sure if the developers of Broomstick League are still taking submissions but if not then its not a problem because players will have a lot of logos to choose from.

Play Broomstick League! Available in Steam!

Anyway, if you are playing Broomstick League and you are looking for a logo to use then you are more than welcome to use my old logo in the game.

So guys, what are your thoughts about Broomstick League using custom or personal logos in the game? Post your answers as well as your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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