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Legends of Aria Dark Sorcery DLC Announced!

Legends of Aria Dark Sorcery DLC Announced!
Legends of Aria Dark Sorcery DLC Announced!

Legends of Aria is free-to-play but it's upcoming DLC called Dark Sorcery is not. It will cost you money and if you don't have any then start selling those Steam Cards in the Steam Marketplace.

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Legends of Aria's Dark Sorcery DLC will have a new dungeon called the Monolith where you can defeat the awakened guardian before its unstable forgotten magic spills out into Celador.

Within the Monolith, you will face new enemies never seen before in the game. Also, you will get to learn sorcery skills that will allow you to summon minions and change their appearances and abilities.

Of course, with a new dungeon and new monsters to kill, Dark Sorcery will also have new loot for you to collect and use like new powerful artifacts, new cosmetic items and even decorations.

As a casual Legends of Aria player, I have no interest in getting Dark Sorcery because my character or avatar in the game is still a freaking noob.

Anyway, Legends of Aria's Dark Sorcery DLC will cost you around $20 US Dollars and if you pre-order the DLC then you will also get a Dark Echo Fox Mount.

So guys, for those of you who are playing Legends of Aria, are any of you excited to buy Dark Sorcery? Post your answers as well as your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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