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Check Out The Hive - Rise of the Behemoth in STEAM! Discovering Steam Games!

Check Out The Hive - Rise of the Behemoth in STEAM! Discovering Steam Games!
Check Out The Hive - Rise of the Behemoth in STEAM! Discovering Steam Games!

Back in the old days, I spent hundreds of hours playing RTS games like Warcraft, Dune 2, Red Alert, Command and Conquer and others. Now, I don't play RTS games very much but here is an RTS game you guys might want to check out.

The RTS game is called The Hive and it's not a new RTS game. It was released in STEAM in 2016 and according to it's description and I quote, "The Hive is an RTS RPG single player game where you assume control of insectoid hive mind, and explore the vast underworld on your journey to the surface. The emphasis of the game is in exploration, discovery and story telling via the RTS style game play."

The game has nice visuals based on its screenshots and it currently has a "Mostly Positive" rating in STEAM. Not a lot of games has a "Mostly Positive" rating. Just take a look at Shroud of the Avatar, a game made by legendary game creator Richard Garriott.

Recently posted reviews for The Hive are the following:
  • first one is "i like it"
  • followed by "A true passion project that brings you back to the golden era of RTS games. A bit rough around the edges, but certainly worth your time."
  • next review says "i love it"
  • and finally "Cool game would be more interesting if there was an online mode that allowed you to play as different races like lizard people and so on"
Unlike Shroud of the Avatar, The Hive doesn't require you to buy a $2,000 US Dollar computer to play the game. As you can see from the Minimum System Requirements, The Hive will run on most computers running today.

So, if you are interested in The Hive then it will cost you around $15 US Dollars but if you are in my region of the world then it will cost you much less, around $8 US Dollars only. 

Anyway, I already have The Hive in my Steam Library of games but I have not played it nor installed it yet. Who knows, one of these days I might just get the itch of playing an RTS game like The Hive.

So guys, have any of you played or tried playing The Hive? If you have then how was it? Post your answers as well as your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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