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$30K USD Spending Player QUIT Shroud of the Avatar!

$30K USD Spending Player QUIT Shroud of the Avatar!
$30K USD Spending Player QUIT Shroud of the Avatar!

Recently, a KING who spent 6 figures on Shroud of the Avatar closed his wallet and quit the game. This time, it's not as big as 6 figures but $30K US Dollars is still a big amount of money spent on Shroud of the Avatar and still the player QUITS!

These guys are crazy! Spending SO much money on Shroud of the Avatar is INSANE but I do hope they enjoyed their time in the game and got their money's worth.

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For a game centered around virtues, the moderators of Shroud of the Avatar forgot the meaning of courtesy at least for one player. Without any warning nor notice, they went into a player's forum account and changed the player's signature.

This blatant disrespect by Shroud of the Avatar's forum moderators, was the straw that broke the player's back. According to the player involved and I quote:

"If he had simply sent me a message saying it didn't conform and to please fix it, I would have done that right away, as that would be a reasonable request."

Of course, in defense of Shroud of the Avatar's moderators, they don't really have to send warnings to anyone. They are the overlords and everyone must fall in line or quit playing and that was what this player decided to do even after spending $30K US Dollars on the game.

If that was me, I will not quit immediately. I will continue to play the game until I sold off everything I have to recover, not all but maybe, a portion of that $30K US Dollars.

Even with a few big spenders quitting, Shroud of the Avatar is not going anywhere because it has a massive pool of big spenders keeping the game running. So, jump on the train and play Shroud of the Avatar.

So guys, what are your thoughts about spending thousands of dollars on a game like Shroud of the Avatar? Was it worth it? Post your answers as well as your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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