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A KING Closed His WALLET and Said Goodbye Shroud of the Avatar!

A KING Closed His WALLET and Said Goodbye Shroud of the Avatar!
A KING Closed His WALLET and Said Goodbye Shroud of the Avatar!

The announcement of Shroud of the Avatar's Episode 2 has increased people's interest in the game, I think, and, maybe, the game is also getting new players in the process but I don't really know. What I do know is the fact that people or players are also quitting the game.

A free-to-play player quitting Shroud of the Avatar won't have an effect in the game's financial health because they're not really spending money on the game but a premium player who spent thousands of US Dollars quitting will surely have an effect.

Recently, a player of high financial status, I guess, in and out of the game made a quitting post in the Shroud of the Avatar forum and he is quitting because of broken promises.

According to the player and I quote, "last promise broken. Port, Catnip, a man’s word is his bond. When bonds are broken no further bonds can be purchased. Camel’s back broken by 2 wands, not a straw. My wallet is closed SOTA. Goodbye."

Throughout the life of Shroud of the Avatar, the developers, in my opinion, had broken a lot of promises with the excuse of improving the game or attracting new players but, in the end, the game neither improved nor attracted a significant amount of new players.

The game right now exists and will continue to exists because of the remaining players loyalty to the God of Shroud of the Avatar, Atos, who is showering them with shiny things to buy in the Crown Store and features to keep them busy and spending like player dungeons and player made quests.

Of course, there is really nothing wrong with that specially if it's making the remaining players happy with their spending. If the remaining spending players are happy then the remaining few developers are happy which means everyone involved in the game is happy too.

So guys, have any of you spent thousands of US dollars in an MMORPG like Shroud of the Avatar? Post your answers as well as your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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