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Black Desert Gameplay by Kabalyero! Tutorial and Learning the Game!

Black Desert Gameplay by Kabalyero! Tutorial and Learning the Game!
Black Desert Gameplay by Kabalyero! Tutorial and Learning the Game!

Black Desert Online Gameplay by Kabalyero! It was my first time playing Black Desert Remastered and I was greeted by the tutorial. Learned how to make my character move, walk, auto-run and talk to NPCs. Using my character, I also completed a few quick and super extremely easy quests that involved talking with NPCs. LOL!

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My character's first combat experienced was hunting Gray Foxes and killing them made my character gained knowledge about them, Gray Foxes. There was also this Black Spirit and it appears whenever I press the "backslash" key.

My character was also guided by two quest markers, an arrow that points to where the objective is located and a fairy that guides my character to where the quest objective is like a little boy lost in the woods.

With my character under my control, I continued to complete quests after quests and did a lot of auto-running which is not a perfect system because it gets my character stuck on objects or things.

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Besides talking to NPC quests, my character also did hunting quests. He hunted small tree spirits, gray wolves, mature tree spirits, immature tree spirits, imp soldiers, imp wizards, imp raiders, steel imps, steel imp wizards, steel imp warriors, foxes and a few others.

My character also learned a few skills but I can't remember them all right now and went to different areas or unlocked or discovered new areas near the starting area.

Anyway, that was my first time playing Black Desert Remastered. It was just one hour but I'll try playing the game some more.


Black Desert Online is the next-gen action driven sandbox MMORPG. Featuring one of the richest character creation systems, an immense seamless world, and epic Siege Wars.

Black Desert Online "Remastered" was the first big graphical update to the game, offering two distinct graphic presets: Remastered & Ultra. Remastered, is quite performance heavy, and in essence "activates" all the new technologies, textures & lightning methods used, but at the same time it's quite well optimized and provides stable FPS.

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