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The Cycle Sound Stuttering! From Annoying to Getting Headaches!

The Cycle Sound Stuttering! From Annoying to Getting Headaches!
The Cycle Sound Stuttering! From Annoying to Getting Headaches!

The Cycle is a fun game, it's free-to-play but it will give you a headache. I enjoy playing The Cycle because it's an objective based battle royale type of game but the free headache is something I don't want to experience while playing.

I'm not sure what's happening with the development of The Cycle but, it seems, the sound stuttering that happens in the game while playing had gotten worst.

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In my last video about The Cycle's sound stuttering, it was happening in the game while playing and it was annoying but, now, it's not just annoying, the sound stuttering has started giving me a headache while playing.

Again, I have no problems playing the game while lagging because I'm used to it but the sound stuttering is a different thing specially when it changed from annoying to giving headaches.

I'm not kidding, the sound stuttering in The Cycle is now giving me headaches. As much as I like the game and enjoy playing it, there is a limit to the amount of torture I'm willing to take to play a game.

Anyway, I hope those who are also playing The Cycle are not getting any kind of sound stuttering while playing because if they are then that is a lot of players getting headaches from playing the game.

So guys, have any of you experienced the annoying sound stuttering that happens while playing The Cycle? Post your answers as well as your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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