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The Cycle Gameplay by Kabalyero! Ping was 247 ms According to WTFAST!

The Cycle Gameplay by Kabalyero! Ping was 247 ms According to WTFAST!
The Cycle Gameplay by Kabalyero! Ping was 247 ms According to WTFAST!

The Cycle Gameplay! Landed on the planet on my landing pod and immediately started mining for minerals. I tried recovering some drones but I encountered another player and decided to avoid any engagements.

I got a submachine gun, the S-76 PDW Mk2, and went on to complete contracts by mining minerals but I was disabled by another player and had to retreat back to my landing pod.

From my landing pod, I went back into the match to try and complete as much contracts I can without getting eliminated.

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With enough credits, I was able to acquire a Turret and a Barrier for offense and defense. I believe these were good items to carry around just in-case things go bad.

At the end of the match, I managed to arrive at the the evacuation area and ride the evacuation ship off the planet safely.

Completing the match gave me enough points to achieve Level 3 of the Fortuna Pass and it rewarded me with two items and they were the Death emote and the Gravity Cruiser skin.

The next match was again a Solo Match and it's still an unranked match. Upon landing on the planet, I got off my landing pod and immediately started to complete contracts for the ICA faction.

Mined minerals, fought creatures, picked up mushrooms and activated Power Up Facilities. I also encountered and engaged another player early and was disabled which forced me to retreat back to my landing pod.

Unfortunately, this Solo Match ended quickly for me because I was quickly eliminated by another player.

Back on the ship, I played around with my character's gloves. I was looking for the best gloves that will fit or match my character's outfit.

I also crafted and equipped attachments to my K-28 Mk2 pistol like the High-Grade Spring and the Hollow-point Rounds.

After that, I crafted the ICA BP-Bulldog, a pistol with very high damage but with only 2 ammos per load. I applied a very unique looking skin on it and crafted and equipped attachments as well.

The next match was a Solo Match again and I started with activating a Power-up Facility. It was followed by mining a mineral and fighting off a lot of creatures.

The turret was very helpful in clearing out creatures. It was like having a team mate with me specially when mining bigger mineral nodes.

When the evacuation ship appeared, I bought a bike and rode it to the evacuation area where the evacuation ship landed. I had to avoid engaging with other players and escaped on the evacuation ship.

I also played well in this match and had a final rank of 4th place. Getting a higher rank means getting more rewards.

Back on the ship, I crafted the Osiris Asp Flechette Gun, a submachine gun, and crafted and equipped attachments for it like the Heavy Handle. I also added the gun to my loadout.

I also crafted the Healing Aura item and added it to my loadout which replaced the Shock Grenade Mk2 which I don't really use.

The last match was a Squad Match and, before the match started, I switched my pistol in my loudout from the Bulldog to the Scarab. I also crafted and equipped the Osiris Aani Quicksuit and crafted and equipped attachments for it.

In the match, I simply followed my team mates around the map and assisted them in clearing out creatures. We mined minerals, gathered mushrooms and fought creatures.

At the end of the match, we survived and escaped the planet but we only placed 3rd. There were only 3 squads left though.

Anyway, that was my gameplay for The Cycle. Please do watch the video, give it a like and subscribe to my channel in Youtube to receive notification of more gameplay videos.


In The Cycle, you join a deadly competition to finish as many quests as possible & survive, before hostile alien wildlife, other players or the planet itself finish you off! Strike uneasy alliances with others, or take them out - cunning is the key to victory!

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