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The Cycle Gameplay by Kabalyero! PING was 216 ms says WTFAST!

The Cycle Gameplay by Kabalyero! PING was 216 ms says WTFAST!
The Cycle Gameplay by Kabalyero! PING was 216 ms says WTFAST!

The Cycle Gameplay! Started with a Solo Match and, while mining for my first minerals, I immediately encounter another player and almost got eliminated but I was able to transfer back to my landing pod to start over.

From my landing pod, I traveled north, mined minerals, fought creatures / monsters, picked up mushrooms, got a KOR-47 and completed a few contracts. I also encountered another player again but I did not engage. I just ran away from him. LOL!

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When the evacuation ship arrived, I immediately ran to where the evacuation area was and immediately hopped on board. Some players like to stay near the evacuation ship while shooting arriving players but doing something like that was risky.

At the end of the match, I checked WTFast and it said my ping was 216 ms. Is it good or is it bad? Well, I guess it's normal since I'm playing from outside the US. It could be worst though. It started with 340+ ms.

Back on the ship, I crafted an Osiris BP-Scarab, a secondary weapon / pistol and crafted attachments for it.

After that, I crafted and equipped weapon attachments for my S-76 PDW Mk2, an SMG or submachine gun. I also crafted and equipped attachments for my Basic Prospector Kit Mk2 like Improved Regen, Faster Ability Cooldowns and Heal on Kills.

I also crafted a Dragonfly Flightsuit and crafted / equipped attachments for it as well like Heal on Kills, Improved Regen and Slow and Steady but I did not use the kit. The kit I used in the next match was still the War Boxer.

The next match was also a Solo Match and, again, I encountered a player at the start of the match but, this time, I did not immediately engage. I turned around and went the other direction.

Unfortunately, the other player went after me. I ran away only to appear from the opposite direction and got a Player Kill which means completing a contract.

While traveling back, I saw another player but I avoided this one and so I thought. When I was mining a mineral node, two players appeared from above me and gunshots rained down from above.

I teleported back to my landing pod and started from there again. To avoid the two players that rained down gunshots on me, I went the other way and started completing contracts by gathering Biomass from mutated creatures and mining minerals.

Later, I got a S-76 PDW Mk2, a submachine gun, and it made dealing with creatures easier. I continued with completing contracts and added gathering mushrooms to the list. Mushrooms were always protected by these colorful exploding creatures.

Unfortunately, I was not able to finish the match because I was eliminated by another player who appeared from nowhere. LOL!

Back on the ship, I continued crafting and equipping attachments to my S-76 PDW Mk2. I also crafted a BP-Recall Teleporter and a BP-Heavy Turret.

The next match was a Squad Match and I worked for the ICA faction. On the planet, I just basically followed my team mates around and helped them clear out creatures when mining and when not mining. LOL!

While we were mining a mineral node and fighting off a lot of creatures and robots, we encountered another squad of players and I had to teleport back to my landing pod to avoid elimination. My team mates survived though.

From my landing pod, I met up with my team mates, continued to follow them around and tried my best to help in clearing out creatures. We did encounter another squad of players and I was eventually eliminated. SAD!


In The Cycle, you join a deadly competition to finish as many quests as possible & survive, before hostile alien wildlife, other players or the planet itself finish you off! Strike uneasy alliances with others, or take them out - cunning is the key to victory!

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