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The Cycle Gameplay by Kabalyero! Over 5 Minutes Matchmaking!

The Cycle Gameplay by Kabalyero! Over 5 Minutes Matchmaking!
The Cycle Gameplay by Kabalyero! Over 5 Minutes Matchmaking!

The Cycle Gameplay by Kabalyero! First match was a Ranked Squad Match. My team mates took the lead and I just followed them around. We fought creatures and robots, activated power-up facilities, mined minerals and gathered mushrooms.

We had an early encounter with another squad of players and we were taken out. We were sent back to out landing pods where we started over but, it was not our lucky day, we encountered another squad of players and I was eliminated first. LOL!

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Back in the ship, I switched my pistol from the Osiris Scarab to the K-28 Mk2. I tried to play in another Ranked Squad Match but the matchmaking took a very long time.

After 5 minutes of waiting, I cancelled matchmaking and played a Solo Match instead. The matchmaking for the Solo Match only took a few seconds.

In this Solo Match, I did not have to follow any one. It was all me but I encountered another player almost immediately. Fortunately, the other player was not hostile. I left him and went the other way.

I spent a lot of time just running because I was trying to avoid any encounters with other players. I still managed to complete a few contracts from mining veltecite minerals.

Sadly, even though I was trying my best to avoid other players, I was still taken down by someone and it sent me back to my landing pod.

I was at 6th place but my ranking went down to 15th place when I was eliminated.

Back in the ship, I queued for a Squad Match and, while waiting for the match to start, I crafted the BP - ICA Guarantee, a lightmachine gun or LMG. I added it to my loadout by taking out the Phasic Lancer.

Just like before, I followed my team mates and provided additional firepower in clearing out creatures / mobs on the planet. We mined for veltecite minerals and gathered mushrooms to complete contracts.

In one encounter, the creatures of the planet managed to almost take me down but I survived by running away. I was lucky because the creatures or mobs had terrible aims like me. LOL!

While trying to meet up with my team mates, another squad of players appeared from no where and sent me back to my landing pod. From there, I continued to complete contracts by mining veltecite minerals near my landing pod.

The next match was the last match and it was another Squad Match. I did not wait long for the match to start because it was already starting when I returned back to the main ship.

Following my team mates around, we mined veltecite minerals, gathered mushrooms, fought creatures / mobs and others to complete contracts. I also spent a lot of time fighting with only a pistol and my fist. LOL!

At the end of the match, I failed to evacuate the planet and got eliminated but it doesn't matter because characters don't really die in Fortuna III.

Anyway, that was what happened in my gameplay of The Cycle. Please watch the video, give it a like and subscribe to my YouTube channel. It helps a lot. Thank you.


In The Cycle, you join a deadly competition to finish as many quests as possible & survive, before hostile alien wildlife, other players or the planet itself finish you off! Strike uneasy alliances with others, or take them out - cunning is the key to victory!

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