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The Cycle Gameplay by Kabalyero! NETWORK FAILURE! DISCONNECTED!

The Cycle Gameplay by Kabalyero! NETWORK FAILURE! DISCONNECTED!
The Cycle Gameplay by Kabalyero! NETWORK FAILURE! DISCONNECTED!

The Cycle Gameplay! The first match was a Duo Ranked Match and, while waiting for the match to start, I went over my character's appearance.

In the match itself, I just followed my team mate and helped him eliminate monsters and other creatures. We mined minerals, fought monsters, encountered other players, collected mushrooms and got eliminated early. LOL!

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My next match was a Solo Match. It was not a ranked match because it's not yet available in the game. Only two ranked matches were available and they were for Duo and Squad Matches.

Again, while waiting for the match to start, I played around with my character's appearance. I changed his body armor, gloves, boots and even his base suit.

In the match, I started with setting up refineries and mining for minerals. Setting up refineries were simple but, if left alone, refineries were stolen or captured by other players and it happened to a few of my refineries. Of course, I was stealing refineries from other players too. LOL!

In both matches, my primary weapon was the Korolev KOR-47 and assault rifle. I'm not sure if it was the best weapon in the game but I like using it.

Near the end of the Solo Match, I was able to activate two Power Up Facilities to complete a contract before running to the evacuation area. Unfortunately, I did not make it to the evacuation area because I got disconnected from the game.

Anyway, that's it for this gameplay of The Cycle. If you haven't watched the video then please give it a watch, a like and subscribe to my channel in YouTube.


In The Cycle, you join a deadly competition to finish as many quests as possible & survive, before hostile alien wildlife, other players or the planet itself finish you off! Strike uneasy alliances with others, or take them out - cunning is the key to victory!

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