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WORLD OF DRAGON NEST on PC! Start of Adventure! Lagged Badly!

WORLD OF DRAGON NEST on PC! Start of Adventure! Lagged Badly!

World of Dragon Nest, created a character and received a whole lot of rewards in the beginning of the game. So many rewards for doing absolutely nothing. NICE!

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Got rewarded for staying online, consecutive login, monthly login and even for just logging in. WOW! That is simply amazing. Maybe there are also rewards for installing the game and playing it. LOL!

At the very start of the game, it wasn't lagging badly but, at the next areas, the game suddenly became laggy. It was playable but it was very hard to play.

I tried lowering my graphics settings to very low but it was still lagging badly. The amount of lag was the same in both very low and high graphics settings.

At this time, I did not know anything about the Auto Quest, Auto Play and Auto Battle feature of the game. So, I was playing manually.

Anyway, I did get this amazing White Wings. Also, I was using an Android Emulator because I was playing on my PC.

The Android Emulator I was using was the LDPlayer. I'm going to try and use Memu Play the next time I play World of Dragon Nest.

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