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SKYRIM Gameplay 2020! Alternate Start! Property Owner!

SKYRIM Gameplay 2020! Alternate Start! Property Owner!

I started a new character in Elder Scrolls V Skyrim and used a Skyrim Mod called Alternate Start - Live Another Life to go through the start of the game in a different way.

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In the new game, I created a new character and started in an abandoned prison cell. There was a Statue of Mara inside the cell and, to get out of the cell, I activated the Statue of Mara and selected a New Life.

Alternate Start - Live Another Life Skyrim Mod

There were many choices and, after going through all of the choices, I chose or selected the life of a Property Owner. There was also a list of properties to choose from but the one I chose was the Lakeview Manor and I was magically transported to my new life in Skyrim.

I looked around inside the house, went out and looked around outside the game. After crafting an Iron Warhammer, I travelled to Helgen and saved Ralof. I also wanted to save Haadvar but he disappeared after I gave Ralof a healing potion.

Why did Haadvar disappeared? Maybe he got envious of Ralof because I gave Ralof a healing potion first before him. LOL!

From there, the story of Skyrim went back on track.

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