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WORLD OF DRAGON NEST on PC! Runs Well on MEMU Play! Everything is Auto!

WORLD OF DRAGON NEST on PC! Runs Well on MEMU Play! Everything is Auto!

World of Dragon Nest, played the game on my PC, at first, using LDPlay but the game performed badly. This time, I played the game on another Android Emulator called MEMU Play and the game performed okay.

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Like most mobile MMORPGs, you play World of Dragon Nest automatically with the game's built-in Auto Quest, Auto Battle and Auto Play features. Why play when you can just watch the game plays itself. LOL!

With Auto Battle active, you can take your character in an area with many monsters to kill, leave your character there and you can do something else like sleep, watch Disney Plus or anything you like while your character level itself up.

I think, in total, my character spent over 30 minutes in Auto Battle. I don't particularly like all the Auto features because it doesn't feel like playing but, I guess, they have their benefits like letting the game grind for you. Legal botting. LOL!

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