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The Isle of Storms was not the Problem • Shroud of the Avatar News

The Isle of Storms was never the Problem • Shroud of the Avatar News

The Isle of Storms was previously the starting area of Shroud of the Avatar but it was changed because, if my understanding is correct, it was also where a lot of supposedly NEW players QUIT or STOP playing.

Personally, I like the Isle of Storms. It has that "isekai" or transported to "another world" feel to it but, my guess is, the God of Shroud of the Avatar thought it was the reason why new players are quitting at the start of the game.

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So, they changed the start of the game from the Isle of Storms to the Battle of Solace Bridge and guess what happened? Well, new players are still quitting at the start of the game.

According to the God of Shroud of the Avatar himself and I quote, "Most of those people that quit do so within the first scene which means one of the following: their machines are out of date, they didn’t like the look of the game, didn’t like how it played in general, or they really were just passing through and didn’t have a real interest in playing."

Okay so, it means, based on the reasons given by the God of Shroud of the Avatar, the Isle of Storms was never the problem. If it was never the problem then why was the starting area changed?

My guess is, they just wanted to blame something and since they can't blame themselves because it will make them look incompetent then they just blamed it on the Isle of Storms.

Now, in 2020, they're blaming other things like players having old computers, not liking the look, just passing through, etc. but none of those things were the Isle of Storms because it was never the fault of the Isle of Storms.

Bring back the Isle of Storms, add more Avatar customization options, make the Oracle choices feel more important and reward new players for completing Anais tutorial with a no transfer Isle of Storms Cloak or Armor.

So guys, did any of you tried playing Shroud of the Avatar? If you did then where in the game did you decide to quit or stop playing? Post your answers as well as your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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