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12% Stick? What Does It Actually Mean? • Shroud of the Avatar News

12% Stick? What Does It Actually Mean? • Shroud of the Avatar

Playing Shroud of the Avatar is FREE. If you have a Steam account then just install the game and play or you can go to the website, create a Free Account, download the game client, install the game and play. No need to pay for anything.

Through the years, Shroud of the Avatar has bled out a lot of players for various reasons like broken promises, performance issues, censorship of criticisms, pay-to-win store and a bunch of other reasons too many to mention.

The Sword of Midras - (Blade of the Avatar) by Tracy Hickman & Richard Garriott (Paperback)

Well, it looks like Shroud of the Avatar has stopped bleeding players. You see, according to a recent post by the God of Shroud of the Avatar and I quote, "Roughly 500 - 700 new players try the game each week and of those, roughly 12% stick. That stickiness number is actually very good by F2P standards."

Of the 500 to 700 players, roughly 12% stick around to play the game but what does it actually mean because 12% of 500 is 60 and it's suppose to be a very good number.

Is the God of Shroud of the Avatar saying, the game gets 60 players every week because if that is the case then 60 players times 52 weeks is 3,120 additional players in a year.

So, the question I have now are, where are all these 3,120 players? Are they still playing? How many of those who stuck around has quit the game or stopped playing?

Saying something like 12% stick, doesn't really say anything because, at the end of the day, it hasn't really change anything. The game, even with the 12% stick, still has a very low population.

Anyway, instead of giving us vague numbers, why not just show the number of concurrent players somewhere or add a command that displays the number of concurrent players. SIMPLE!

So guys, how many sticks does Shroud of the Avatar needs to increase its very low player population? Post your answers as well as your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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  1. I recently gave up the game. It's a frustrating mess. Be anything you want to be as long as what you want to be includes magic. Want to be a warrior? You'll need to resist magic, but to do so requires high magic attunement, but don't raise your life magic resistance because you can't heal or be healed if you do. Potions aren't viable because of the long cooldown, and groups aren't viable because of the low population. Forget pure melee, pure archery, double dagger wielding rogues, etc., etc., and choose from a wide variety in a classless system that allows you to be whatever type of fire mage you want to be.

    It could've been an amazing game, but it's becoming clearer and clearer that it was made to bail them out after 2 failed mobile games and then kept live to get as much cash as possible before folding.

    Richard Garriott's name and legacy is forever tainted in my eyes. My heart goes out to those who were robbed blind by this now obvious scam.


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