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STAR WARS GALAXIES! Millenium Falcon Gunner • SWGLegends Gameplay

My character was saved by Han Solo, Chewbacca, C3PO and R2D2. While escaping from the Empire in the Millenium Falcon, laser fire were coming from everywhere but Chewbacca can't jump to hyperspace to escape because the hyper drive was not working.

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To help Han Solo while he was fixing the hyper drive, my character went up the Gun Turret and shot down a few TIE Fighters. The funny thing was, it took a few seconds to find the ladder that took my character to the Gun Turret.

Shooting down the attacking TIE Fighters was easy because they were flying very slowly and they like to stop in-front of the gun turret like they were asking to get blown away. TIE Fighters were usually fast, agile and quick but these TIE Fighters were slow as a turtle.

Han Solo fixed the hyper drive, my character went to the bridge and buckled up and the Millenium Falcon went to hyperspace escaping the Empire.

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