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Run 5 or More Clients / Accounts and Profit • Shroud of the Avatar News

Run 5 or More Clients / Accounts and Profit • Shroud of the Avatar News

Multi-boxing or running multiple game clients / accounts at the same time is perfectly fine in Shroud of the Avatar. If your computer can handle the load then have fun commanding an army of Avatars.

Recently, a Shroud of the Avatar player posted or shared a video in the official Shroud of the Avatar forum showing 5 Shroud of the Avatar clients / accounts running at the same time.

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The Avatars in 4 of the clients were spamming Auto-Attack while the Avatar in the active client was pulling the mobs or enemies towards the Auto-Attacking Avatars for the kill.

If you have an army of well equipped and high leveled Avatars in multiple accounts and your machine can run multiple Shroud of the Avatar game clients at once then can you imagine the amount of game gold you can farm in a day?

Or, take them all in the mines and have all of them mining for ores at the same time. You'll get thousands and thousands of ores in day which means millions and millions of game gold then PROFIT.

Of course, these are just hypotheticals because I've never tried running multiple Shroud of the Avatar clients and, even if I wanted to, it's impossible for me with my 10 year old machine.

Anyway, the GOD of Shroud of the Avatar has updated their stance on Multi-Boxing. As posted by the GOD in the official Shroud of the Avatar forum and I quote.

  • Multiboxing is fine
  • Auto-attacking in the background IF you are multiboxing is not fine. Not allowed and will be blocked by client
  • Players who run a single client will not be impacted by this in anyway

Even though, auto-attacking while the client is in the background is no longer allowed, you can still do a lot of things while running multiple Shroud of the Avatar clients / accounts like having your very own private dance party.

So guys, have you ever multi-box in any games? How many clients, accounts or instances of the game were you able to run on your computer? Post your answers as well as your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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