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SKYRIM in 2020! Solitude, the Jarl and Proudspire Manor!

SKYRIM in 2020! Solitude, the Jarl and Proudspire Manor!

In my recent adventure in Skyrim in 2020, I traveled to Solitude to investigate the man wandering the streets near the Bard's Collge. The man was Dervenin and he was looking for his master whom he said was in the Pelagius Wing of the Blue Palace.

Since I was already just outside the Bard's College, I went inside and spoke with Viarmo about joining the Bard's College.

Back in Solitude, I found and spoke with Jaree-ra who was loitering near the Winking Skeever. Jaree-ra wanted me to take out the lights of the Lighthouse to cause a shipwreck so they could steal from the ship.

After speaking with Jaree-ra, I went back to the Blue Palace and spoke with Falk Firebeard in Solitude Court. I ended up taking the task of clearing out Wolf Skull Cave.

While in the Blue Palace, I spoke with other characters and the Jarl of Solitude. The Jarl asked me to take Torygg's War Horn and place it on the Shrine of Talos.

Cleared the Whitewatch Tower of Bandits on my way to the Shrine of Talos to place Torygg's War Horn. After placing Torygg's War Horn, I went back to the Blue Palace in Solitude to talk to the Jarl while she was sleeping and I became a Thane in Solitude.

I went and woke up Falk Firebeard to buy a house in Solitude. The house that I bought was the Proudspire Manor, a very expensive house worth 25,000 gold. I also bought all the decorations and those cost more gold. Fortunately, I had the power to make gold appear from nowhere. LOL!

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