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Terrible Fishing Location! SuperFish Fishing! Fishing in Second Life!

The Fortress of Solitude! SuperFish Fishing! Fishing in Second Life!

I'm running out of Linden Dollars. So, I went out and did some fishing in Second Life with SuperFish. I equipped my SuperFish Fishing HUD and SuperFish Fishing Rod, teleported to a SuperFish fishing location and started fishing.

The first SuperFish location was a terrible, bad and evil location. When I got there, I was teleported back home while I was still closing all the windows in-front of my viewer. I got harassed and griefed at this very terrible place!

The second SuperFish location was much better. It was The Fortress of Solitude and this was were I spent most of the hour fishing but I did have a little bit of trouble finding the SuperFish fishing location because it was not at the landing area.

Anyway, if you have a lot of time and wants to earn a few Linden Dollars by fishing then go and try fishing with SuperFish. It's FREE! The SuperFish fishing area system is also free and it is for location owners in Second Life.


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