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SKYRIM in 2020! Saved a Werewolf, Died in The End!

SKYRIM in 2020! Saved a Werewolf, Died in The End!

Back in Skyrim, I came across a bandit camp, stopped and fought all the bandits in the camp. The name of the bandit camp was Fort Greymoor and I took care of all the bandits in it.

💰 Elder Scrolls V: SKYRIM ►

I was travelling to Bloated Man's Grotto when I encountered the bandits in Fort Greymoor. It was a very long journey. When I got there, I had to stop and go back to Lakeview Manor to get my followers.

In Bloated Man's Grotto, I caught up with the werewolf but spared him. Instead, we fought off the hunters but, sadly, in the end, the werewolf still died. The death of the werewolf completed the Ill By The Moonlight quest.

Treasure found in Bloated Man's Grotto!

Mercenaries guarding the entrance and they were hard to kill!

After completing the quest, I travelled to Redoran's Retreat to start a new quest and the quest was to find Amren's Family Sword but, after getting killed a few times, I decided to take a break from getting killed. The mercenaries guarding the entrance were hard to kill.

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