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SKYRIM 2020 Gameplay! Misadventures in Falkreath! Leatter, Ring and Journal!

SKYRIM 2020 Gameplay! Misadventures in Falkreath! Leatter, Ring and Journal!

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, it's 2020 and I'm still playing the game. Here are things that happened in my most recent adventures in Skyrim 2020 with my character KABALYERO (ALT1):

💰 Elder Scrolls V: SKYRIM ►

• run around and talked to the people of Falkreath looking for quests to complete
• bought a Travel Lantern from the shop and gave it to Lydia
• met the Jarl of Falkreath and accepted a quest and talked to all the Jarl's people
• talked to the former Jarl and stole a letter for him that turned into nothing important
• killed a Falkreath Guard while doing the former Jarl's quest and it made me a criminal
• took the Falkreath Guard's cloak and gave it to one of my followers
• delivered ashes to the grave
• met a couple burying their daughter who was killed by a werewolf and it started a new quest
• went to Falkreath prison and talked with Sinding who was a werewolf
• got a cursed ring and to remove the curse, I had to choice but to finish the quest
• traveled east of Falkreath and hunted, not a monster but, a White Stag
• a Spirit came out of the White Stag but did not remove the curse
• the Spirit wanted Sinding dead and I was forced to join the hunt
• went to find Runil's Journal because the location was closer
• there were ghosts at the entrance and made one of the ghosts a follower
• found Agrius Journal and dead people near the entrance of the cave
• fought a bunch ghosts and tripped traps inside the cave
• fought Draugr Wight and other Draugr alone, used a lot of potions to win
• got Runil's Journal, returned to Runil in Falkreath Hall of the Dead and completed the quest

If you want more details on everything that happened in the game then watch the entire gameplay video. Don't worry, it's only an hour long and I did not do a lot of talking. I just played the game.

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