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SKYRIM Gameplay 2020! Using the COBB Positioner to place decorations in Skyrim!

SKYRIM Gameplay 2020! Using the COBB Positioner to place decorate!

Elder Scrolls V: SKYRIM, decorating in Skyrim is freaking brutal because placing objects or things is brutal. What were the developers thinking? They added a freaking brutal and bare bones way of placing and moving things in the game.

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After doing a little DuckDuckGo-ing, as in searching for a Skyrim Mod to help better place things in the game, I found two Skyrim Mods in NexusMods and they are the following: Jaxonz Positioner and Cobb's Positioner.

I read the description of both Skyrim Mods and decided on using Cobb Positioner because it was newer. It also works with another Skyrim Mod that makes placement of buildings posible but I also downloaded Jaxonz Positioner to try at a later time.

In this less than an hour Skyrim 2020 gameplay video, I did a little decorating using the Cobb Positioner and it worked great. It takes a lot of time to move things around but it was 1000% better than the in-game default.

Watch the video to see Cobb Positioner in action although there are much better videos about the Skyrim Mod out there but still thanks for watching if you did. LOL!

• Check out Cobb Positioner ►
• Check out Jaxonz Positioner ►

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