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SKYRIM 2020 Gameplay! Love Letter, Dragon Attack and Riverwood!

SKYRIM 2020 Gameplay! Love Letter, Dragon Attack and Riverwood!

After getting out of Helgen through the Helgen Keep's underground access, I travelled to Riverwood and found the Guardian Stones along the way.

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At Riverwood, I met with Gerdur and told her about the Dragon attack in Helgen. She asked me to report what happened or the Dragon attack to the Jarl of Whiterun. I also got a lot of information from Gerdur about the current situation in Skyrim like the conflict between the Stormcloaks and the Empire.

Afterwards, I went around town and talked to a lot of people. One person named Sven did not like another person named Faendhal because of Camilla. Faendhal was getting to close to Camilla and he was jealous. He wanted me to deliver a fake letter to Camilla from Faendhal but I told Faendhal about it.

Faendhal was not happy and decided to change the letter and reverse the situation. When I found Camilla, I gave her the letter but also told her it was from Faendhal and not from Sven. Camilla was not happy.

Camilla runs a store with her brother and they were arguing about something when I got there. An important family item was stolen from them and I volunteered to get the item back. The item was the Golden Claw.

Camilla wanted to take me to where the item was taken but, before leaving town, I stopped by the Sleeping Giant to talk with the people inside and also report back to Sven to complete the quest.

Outside the sleeping giant, Camilla was nowhere in sight but I tracked her down and followed her when the world of Skyrim froze.

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