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SKYRIM 2020 Gameplay! Explored Pinewatch and Discovered Falkreath!

SKYRIM 2020 Gameplay! Explored Pinewatch and Discovered Falkreath!

In my latest one hour adventure in Skyrim in 2020, I encountered and tried to fight a Dragon at the start but it was killed by the town's people. I had nothing to do with the killing of the Dragon but I did absorbed the soul of the Dragon.

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A while later, I found a house in Pinewatch and entered out of curiosity. Inside, there was a lone bandit but the bandit died. In the basement, there was a hidden door and it led to a cave dungeon. I spent a good 30 minutes (even more, I think) exploring the cave, looting treasures and killing bandits.

After exiting Pinewatch, I came upon a group of bandits and I died. I tried fighting a bandit one on one but I died instead. I went back after reloading but the area was already cleared of bandits.

Following the road, I eventually discovered the town of Falkreath. At the entrance, I met a Thalmor named Jerulith and had a very long and somewhat pointless talk. The same thing happened inside the Inn where I met Melea Entius. We had a long talk but I didn't get anything from except maybe a sad story.

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