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Attributes and statistics guide ​​for the mages in WoW Classic

Attributes and statistics guide ​​for the mages in WoW Classic

In WoW: Classic, the thing with the attributes ​​is a somewhat more complicated matter. This small overview should shed some light on both new and experienced players. Not every attribute that you can find on your equipment is absolutely useful for you. In order to be able to decide which attributes ​​you prefer; you need to know what they bring you.


Intelligence is the primary attribute for mages. Every point you invest in intelligence increases your mana and chances of a critical strike. For a level 60 mage, one point of intelligence is worth 15 mana. 59.5 points of intelligence increased your critical magic chance by one percent.

Willpower affects 

Willpower plays a great impact on the regeneration of your mana and health. Since you rarely have mana problems in raids, you can neglect the attribute.

Magic chance

Magic chance is possibly the most critical secondary attribute for you. You need 3 percent in PvP and 16 percent in PvE.

Spell damage

Spell damage increases the damage you deal. Unfortunately, the damage increase is not uniform but varies from spell to spell.

Critical spell hit

The critical spell hit chance makes your spells hit harder and is important to every mage. But beware! Classic has a critical strike attribute for melee weapons and an independent one that applies to spells.

Spell resistance

Spell resistance reduces the damage you take from an opponent. In the early raids, you should pick up fire resistance as quickly as possible.


Yes, life is expensive. Nevertheless, you should not be a miser and make sure that your magician is always perfectly equipped with the help of WoW gold sellers. You need the following improvements, especially in the first raid.

  • Head and legs: low arcane of greed, it boosts 8+ Intelligence
  • Shoulders: Dusk Flame Mantle, it provides 5+ points in Fire Resistance
  • Back: Cape - Great Resistance, it raises your attributes by 5 in all types of resistance
  • Breast: Breast - it raises all attributes by four
  • Wrists: Bracer - Greater Intelligence, the intelligence of your character increases by seven points 
  • Gloves: Gloves - Riding Skill, provides fast riding 
  • Feet: boots - slow pace, improves movement speed 
  • Weapon: Weapon - Spell Power, boosts spell damage by 30

Even if you don’t have elixirs, food, or other consumables, these enhancements will give you enough statistics to survive in your first raid.

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