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RMT Killed by Catnip Games LLC in 2020 - Shroud of the Avatar News

RMT Killed by Catnip Games LLC in 2020

Killed by Catnip Games LLC., RMT is no longer allowed in the Shroud of the Avatar official forum!

RMT or Real Money Trading is allowed in Shroud of the Avatar but players can only post their want to sell or want to buy offers in the Player Marketplace section of the official Shroud of the Avatar forum. In 2020, anything related to RMT are no longer allowed in the Shroud of the Avatar's official forum.

Okay so, my title is a little bit exaggerated. Catnip Games LLC is not killing RMT or real money trading in Shroud of the Avatar. Players can still buy and sell Shroud of the Avatar virtual items with real cash from other players, they just can't post offers to buy or sell in real cash anymore in the forum.

According to the GOD of Shroud of the Avatar, "Starting on January 1, 2020, roughly 2 days from now, no RMT (real money transaction) will be allowed in our private forums."

"This does not mean that RMT will not be allowed, simply that you can't use the forums to do. You may post a link to a website that does RMT but please do not call out the RMT nature here."

So, RMT still exists. It's not going away but if players want to sell or buy Shroud of the Avatar game gold and other items then they'll have to do it somewhere else. Maybe they can post their offers to buy and sell in their Twitter accounts or in Facebook or make a video about it in YouTube.

Anyway, in my case, if you are a Shroud of the Avatar player then please check out my Shop of the Avatar website because if I have anything for sale then you will find it there as well as in my Twitter account. The links to my Shop of the Avatar website and Twitter account are the following ( and

So guys, have you found a website where you can post your offers to buy and sell Shroud of the Avatar virtual items? Post your answers as well as your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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