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$50,000 USD Spent in Shroud of the Avatar in 5 Years • Shroud of the Avatar News

$50,000 USD Spent in Shroud of the Avatar in 5 Years • Shroud of the Avatar News

Shroud of the Avatar is a crowdfunded game and it sold pledges as high as $10,000 US Dollars in it's original Kickstarter Campaign. A couple of people bought those $10,000 US Dollar pledges which means a couple of people out there have accounts worth $10,000 US Dollars and that's just from the original Kickstarter.

Speaking of accounts worth $10,000 US Dollars, one player mentioned in a now deleted post in the official Shroud of the Avatar forum that he spent $50,000 US Dollars in the game in 5 years and he claimed he got NOTHING from it except wasted money.

$50,000 US Dollars is a lot of freaking money and, even if I work for 10 years at minimum wage in my country, I will only make half of that money which means I'll have to work 20 years, at least, but I digress.

For me, someone spending $50,000 US Dollars in Shroud of the Avatar is not very surprising. With the high prices of pledges plus the previous monthly telethons plus the seedinvest campaign and the monthly subscriptions, someone with money who is really super passionate about the game can easily go over board with their spending.

Fortunately, as a fan of Richard Garriott, I only spent $25 US Dollars out of pocket in Shroud of the Avatar. I was interested in the SeedInvest campaign that Shroud of the Avatar did but, fortunately again, I had no money to invest when the campaign happened.

So, the moral of the story here is, having no money can save you from spending too much money because you don't have any money to spend in the first place. Also, don't go overboard with your game spending but if you are doing that right now then who am I to stop you. It's your money. Spend it the way you want to.

So guys, have you spent $50,000 US Dollars in any of the games you've played in your lifetime? If you have then what games are they? Post your answers as well as your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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