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RUINS SURVIVAL Alpha Version! Quick Impressions!

RUINS SURVIVAL Alpha Version! Quick Impressions!

Ruins Survival is a multiplayer online survival game set in a fictional world of the future. A world destroyed by a global catastrophe, an asteroid impact, and left modern civilization in ruins and people fighting for survival hence the name of the game, Ruins Survival, I think!

Ruins Survival, I got the game for free and this is just my initial or quick impressions of the game after playing for an hour. You can watch my first 1-hour gameplay of Ruins Survival on my gameplay channel.

See My Ruins Survival 1-Hour Gameplay ►

Graphics Settings. First thing I did before actually playing Ruins Survival was to change the game's graphics settings from High to a combination of Low and Medium.

With my 10 year old computer, keeping the graphics settings to High will not give me the best performance and I'd rather have good performance than great looking graphics.

Servers. Ruins Survival is a multiplayer online game and, just like other multiplayer online game, it has servers to choose from. Unfortunately, the game only has two servers right now and both servers have very high ping.

The two servers are the EU and the KZ servers. Both are Official World servers and both have pings over 200 ms. I played in the EU server because the KZ server had a ping of over 300 ms when I played.

No Tutorial. As a gamer, I like going through in-game tutorials because, it does not only teaches me the basics of the game, it also lets me learn how to play the game by actually playing it.

When I played Ruins Survival, the game just dropped my character in a dark forest with absolutely no information on anything at all. I just assumed how things work based on experience and started playing blindly.

No Character Creation. At least in this Alpha Version of Ruins Survival, the game auto-magically created my character. After selecting a server, the world loaded and I was greeted by a semi-naked male character.

I'm not sure if Ruins Survival will have a Character Creator in the future but having one will surely give some variety to how characters look in-game. It might even keep players playing for a few more minutes. LOL!

Found Myself Sleepy. I'm not sure if I'm just tired in the real world or if I'm tired of just running around picking up berries but, either way, I did find myself dozing off a few times while playing and I don't think that's a good thing.

My energy did go up for a few minutes when I encountered a bandit and had a fight with it. I managed to kill the bandit and gained a wooden bat but I also lost half of my health. After that, I went back to running around and gathering berries.

The World Is Too Dark. When I first entered the world of Ruins Survival, the world was too dark. At first I thought it was dark because it was night time but it didn't feel that way.

Fortunately, this was easily resolved by adjusting the game's gamma setting. It did make the game look somewhat washed or unsaturated but it wasn't too dark anymore.

The Same As Others. I've tried a few multiplayer online survival games before but only one has kept me playing for hours because it was somewhat different and this difference made the game fun-to-play.

In my 1-hour of playing Ruins Survival, I really didn't see anything that made it different from the other multiplayer online survival games I tried before. It's basically the same as the others.

Anyway, these are just my initial or quick impressions of Ruins Survival after playing the game for an hour. Right now, the game is still in its Alpha Version which means it will still undergo massive changes and will definitely not be the same game in the future.


So guys, have you tried playing Ruins Survival? If you have then what are your thoughts about the game? Will it change in the future or will it stay the same? Post your answers as well as your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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