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"Shroud of the Avatar was a Clownshow" according to MassivelyOP

"Shroud of the Avatar was a Clownshow" according to MassivelyOP

Note: Surprisingly, this blog post was or is getting a lot of views. I checked referring URLs and it appears this blog posts was re-shared in the r/shroudoftheavatar_raw subreddit. O_o

Clowns! I don't like clowns in general because they look creepy but I don't dislike them all. I can name two clowns I like on top of my head right now and they are The Joker, the Clown Prince of Crime, and Puddles Pity Party, the Clown with the Golden Voice.

Speaking of clowns, it looks like MassivelyOP, an online gaming news website, thinks Shroud of the Avatar was a clownshow.

In a post titled "Make My MMO: The biggest MMO crowdfunding news of 2019", MassivelyOP had this to say about Shroud of the Avatar.

In March, Portalarium closed its physical offices, insisting it was a temporary move. Over the course of the spring, we covered several SOTA snafus: missing Kickstarter rewards, missing SEC filings required by the game’s equity crowdfunding, and the weird obfuscation surrounding who exactly was CEO of the company and when that happened.

By October, we learned that Richard Garriott’s company Portalarium had sold off SOTA and its assets to Catnip Games, a new company created by the game’s lead dev precisely for that purpose, and that the new company would be substituting in-game awards for the missing Kickstarter rewards.

We’d laugh all this off as more Kickstarter drama but for the fact that the new company set about impugning the press for covering these disasters, didn’t respond to press inquiries, and still have not delivered the legally required SEC filings – for formal investors, not just Kickstarter donors. It remains unclear what legal ramifications will attach to these companies going forward, but either way it’s disturbing for the dwindling playerbase.

Well, it surely is not a glowing year end assessment of Shroud of the Avatar by MassivelyOP but, who knows, something good might come out of this like the developers adding a Clown Costume for sale in the in-game Crown Store.

So guys, do any of you also think Shroud of the Avatar is a clownshow? If you do then who is your favorite clown? Post your answers as well as your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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1 comment:

  1. Definitely a clownshow. Evidenced by everyone who tries to say otherwise having nothing to say about the actual points raised.

    Missing SEC filings, for example. What's the defense of that? Port took nearly a million bucks for publishing and advertising, didn't actually do any publishing or advertising, and refuses to provide legally required information to any of it's investors.

    How is that alone not a clownshow?


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