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MMO Character worth $1.4 Million USD SOLD for only $552 USD • Crazy Gaming News

MMO Character worth $1.4 Million USD SOLD for only $552 USD • Crazy Gaming News

Imagine yourself spending $1.4 million US dollars on a game character, get your account stolen by a friend and sold it for only $552 US dollars. What would you do to your friend?

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Well, something exactly like that scenario happened to a gamer in China and it led to a lawsuit but was later settled.

According to the story posted in Screen Rant, "A man who spent $1.4 million US Dollars on their character is suing their friend who sold the avatar for a paltry $552 US Dollars using the in-game marketplace, a sale that happened quickly thanks to the character's real worth."

The character or account was for the game Justice Online which is a Martial Arts MMO based on the novel "The Four Great Constables". The MMO features six classes centered around realistic combat in a PvP world.

The friend who stole the account tried to sell it back for $55,138 US dollars but the original owner refused and so, the friend sold it in the in-game marketplace but, because of a typo, the price was set to only $552 US Dollars.

The case was later settled and the original owner got his $1.4 Million US Dollar character or account back but it cost him $12,000 US Dollars.

So, the moral of this story is, be very careful when entering numbers specially when you are selling a high valued item in any in-game marketplace. One wrong placement of the comma or a missing zero can cost you a lot of money.

Also, don't share your accounts with your friends, lovers or even family members because you can never know what they'll do with it.

So guys, have you ever sold a game account to another player? How much money did you make from the sale? Post your answers as well as your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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