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RWA MACABRE 2019 Review • Second Life Wrestling

RWA MACABRE 2019 Review • Second Life Wrestling

Last Saturday, Rogue Wrestling Alliance had Macabre 2019 and it was amazing. It had championship match after championship match after championship match and eventually crowned the new Young Gun Champions.

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Before any matches happened, the entire show was already a winner because the entire arena looked amazing and that is a win in my book. The arena was dark, had a unique layout and illuminated by purple lights.

The commentary for RWA Macabre 2019 was done by the Tomahawk Henry Parker and some guy wearing a crazy looking costume.

RWA Macabre 2019 started with the RWA Women's World Championship match and it was between The Gamer Girl Sybille Halsey and, the defending champion, Queen Koopa Victory.

It was a back and forth match with both ladies landing and hitting big moves here and there but the match ended with Victory getting counted out after getting a hit from behind by someone who came out from the back. Victory lost the match but she retained the title.

The next match was for the RWA Men's World Heavyweight Championship and it was between TJ Aquillius and the defending champion, Malaki.

This was not the first time the two wrestlers met in the ring. The first time they met, Malaki was victorious over TJ Aquillius and that continued in this match.

TJ Aquillius was a lot bigger than Malaki but Malaki's experience, quickness and high flying moves got him the win to retain the championship over the inexperienced challenger.

After that, Stone came out from the back, entered the ring and issued an open challenge. Unfortunately for him, someone accepted his challenge and the guy's name was GOD.

Stone had a very hard time wrestling GOD in this match because GOD was invisible. At the end, Stone was unable to overcome GOD's invisibility and eventually lost the match and gave the win to GOD by running away.

The next match was for the RWA Women's Young Gun Championship with The Gamer Girl Sybille Halsey, appearing for the second time, facing off against Allira Kytori.

Allira started strong with a powerful clothesline that sent The Gamer Girl flying over the top rope and unto the floor. At one point, Allira even had The Gamer Girl crying in pain on her shoulder in a Torture Rack.

Unfortunately, The Gamer Girl turned the match around and finished off Allira Kytori with a move called Level Up. The Gamer Girl went for the pin to win the first ever RWA Women's Young Gun Championship Title.

After that match, it was immediately followed by the RWA Men's Young Gun Championship match between Bert Turbo O'neal and Pasta Lopez who I believe was in a Beetlejuice costume.

This match was a lot more intense than the previous match because it had a table and a chair. The table even broke in half when Pasta Lopez speared Bert Turbo O'neal through it.

At the later part of the match, the two wrestlers exchanged a series of chair shots between each other that ended with Bert Turbo O'neal hitting what was called the Falcon Punch on Pasta Lopez and pinning Pasta to win the first ever RWA Men's Young Gun Championship Title.

RWA Macabre 2019 ended with the two newly crowned RWA Young Gun Champions, Bert Turbo O'neal and The Gamer Girl Sybille Halsey celebrating their victories in the ring.

Overall, it was a fun and entertaining Second Life Wrestling event and if you missed the entirety of the show, RWA Macabre 2019, then you can simply watch it on demand in this channel. See the link in the description of this video.

So guys, what was your favorite match in RWA Macabre 2019? Post your answers as well as your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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