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AEW DARK Episode 3 Quick Recap and Review • All Elite Wrestling

AEW or All Elite Wrestling had another episode of AEW DARK in YouTube. It only had 3 matches but the overall show was still very, very entertaining specially the Main Event.

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AEW DARK Episode 3 started with a match between Joey Janela and Brandon Cutler. By the way, I just love the fact that Wins and Loses matter in AEW and they show it underneath the wrestler' name during their entrance.

Brandon Cutler performed a lot better in this match than his previous match with MJF but I still wouldn't call his performance great. He landed a few moves and his kicks look good but he still kinda slipped while climbing up the ropes for Joey Janela's Super Brainbuster finish.

As for Joey Janela, the guy was very over with the crowd. He didn't do any crazy stunts except maybe for the dives and the Brainbuster finish on the top ropes. Joey Janela got the pin and his first win in AEW.

Next was a segment with Cody Rhodes where he featured Q.T. Marshall. This was a great segment because, before the segment, I knew nothing about Q.T. Marshall but now I know a few things about him.

The next match was a Women's Match between, The Librarian, Leva Bates and Nyla Rose. This was not a great match but I wouldn't say it was bad either. I just found the match a little bit sloppy, slow at times, lacks impact and predictable.

Watching it again at twice the speed made it a lot better. By the way, the winner of the match was Nyla Rose who ended the match with a Sit Down Powerbomb and she also picked up her first win in AEW.

Next was a backstage interview with Frankie Kazzarian and Scorpia Sky. They talked about what happened with Christopher Daniel who was attacked by the Lucha Brothers before their match with Jurassic Express in AEW Dynamite.

It was followed by a bloodied Pac who was really mad at Jon Moxley. Pac injured himself in AEW Dynamite when he got cut by the barbwire that was on Jon Moxley's baseball bat.

The last and Main Event match was an Eight Man Tag Match between the team of Cody Rhodes, Dustin Rhodes and the Young Bucks and the team of Private Party and #Stronghearts.

This match was a lot of fun. It had Quadruple Super Kick Parties, Quadruple Shattered Dreams, a super unnecessary Hot Tag, a lot of flying and dives and everything in between. Even MJF teased the crowd of him doing a dive but decided not to.

The match ended when Dustin Rhodes pinned one of the #Stronghearts for the win and the show ended with the members of the winning team celebrating in the ring.

Overall, AEW DARK Episode 3 was a really fun and entertaining pro-wrestling show. It introduced new characters and built-up more hype for AEW Dynamite and Full Gear. If I'm going to give the show a rating then I'm going to give a rating of 8 out of 10.

So guys, did you enjoy this week's episode of AEW DARK? Which was your favorite match of the show? Post your answers as well as your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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