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AEW DYNAMITE Episode 4 Quick Review (10.23.2019) • All Elite Wrestling

AEW DYNAMITE Episode 4 Quick Review (10.23.2019) • All Elite Wrestling

Just finished watching AEW Dynamite Episode 4 in TNT and it was another amazing episode of pure pro-wrestling action. All matches were good to great to awesome and I enjoyed it very much.

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The first match in this episode 4 of AEW Dynamite was a Semi-Finals Match for the Tag Team Tournament and it was between Private Party and Lucha Bros.

By the way, the show started with both teams in the ring already and the venue was packed with people which kinda made the show even more exciting to watch.

So, the match was fast paced and it was really hard to keep up on what's happening in the match but it was a lot of fun to watch. There were lots of kicking, double teaming and high flying moves that looked super intense.

The winner of this super intense match was the Lucha Bros. Although, I really wanted Private Party to win but I think the Lucha Bros were a lot better than Private Party and will bring in more eyes to AEW.

The match that followed was another Semi-Finals Match for the Tag Team Tournament and it had SCU fighting against the Dark Order who were in the offensive most of the match.

SCU had a hard time with the Dark Order because the Dark Order knows how to take advantage of the referee and, also during this match, the Inner Circle led by AEW World Champion Chris Jericho entered the arena.

The crowd went crazy for the arrival of the Inner Circle who kinda took the attention of the crowd away from what was happening in the ring. It was a lot of fun to watch the Inner Circle interacting with the crowd as they were climbing up the VIP Box.

Back in the match, SCU turned things around and got the win when Scorpio Sky pinned Stu Grayson. SCU winning means they'll face the Lucha Bros next week in the Finals and it's going to be amazing.

The next match was between Joey Janela and Kenny Omega but, before they started, AEW showed a video package of the two unsanctioned matches of Joey Janela with Jon Moxley and Kenny Omega.

The match was nothing like the previous brutal unsanctioned match that happened between the two but it was still a very solid and entertaining wrestling match.

After the missed Swanton Bomb of Joey Janela, Kenny Omega landed the V Trigger, finished the match with the One Winged Angel and picked up another win.

Back in the ring, Tony Schiavone tried to conduct an interview with Cody Rhodes who had something to announce but that didn't happen because Chris Jericho in the VIP Box interrupted and even taunted Cody Rhodes that led into a fight outside the arena.

By the way, Cody Rhodes was accompanied by his brother Dustin, MJF, and DDP or Diamond Dallas Page. Unfortunately, the brawl didn't last very long because security came immediately and took away Cody's group.

The Bestfriends against the Young Bucks was the next match of the show and the Bestfriends came into the ring accompanied by Orange Cassidy.

This was another fun match with Orange Cassidy giving the Young Bucks his version of the Superkick then getting Superkicked himself. The Young Bucks also had a chance to give themselves a hug to mock the Bestfriends.

Of course, the Bestfriends eventually got their hug but unfortunately they didn't get the win. The Young Bucks won after a series of Moonsault on Chuck Taylor for the pin and they also accepted the challenge from Santana and Ortiz.

The next match was between Britt Baker DMD and Jamie Hayter. It was my first time seeing Jamie Hayter and I know nothing about her. Based on her demeanor in the ring, I can safely assume that she's aggressive, violent and hates a lot of things.

This match between Britt Baker and Jamie Hayter is one of the better matches I've seen from Britt Baker since she started in AEW. It was a lot more polished, the moves were a lot cleaner in execution and that made it enjoyable to watch.

Britt Baker DMD won the match after landing a superkick and applying her submission hold, the Lockjaw, on Jamie Hayter. After that, Jamie Hayter got attacked backstage during an interview.

The Main Event Match of the show was between Pac and Jon Moxley with Pac landing a surprised attack on Jon Moxley during his ring entrance.

This was another super solid and enjoyable match with a super aggressive Pac at the very beginning. In fact, the referee were even asking Jon Moxley if he wanted to continue the match or not but, obviously, Jon Moxley wanted to continue.

This match was also a race against the remaining time and that kinda gave it a sense of urgency with both wrestlers trying to pin each other before time expired.

Unfortunately, Pac and Jon Moxley ran out of time and the match ended in a draw which pissed off Jon Moxley because victory was almost in his reach. He just needed another minute or two.

Overall, AEW Dynamite Episode 4 was a very enjoyable episode with good to great and even amazing pro-wrestling matches and there was nothing I didn't like in this episode.

If I'm going to give it a rating then I will give it a rating of 9 out of 10 because, as a pro-wrestling show, AEW Dynamite Episode 4 was almost perfect.

So guys, did you enjoy watching episode 4 of AEW Dynamite? If you enjoyed it then which match was your favorite and why? Post your answers as well as your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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