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Second Life Wrestling (10/20/2018) • VAW Macabre II

Second Life Wrestling (10/20/2018) • VAW Macabre II

Second Life Wrestling (10/20/2018) • VAW Macabre II

VAW Macabre II, a Second Life Wrestling event presented by Virtual Attitude Wrestling in Second Life. VAW Macabre II showcased great wrestling matches by awesome VAW Wrestlers.

The first match was a very quick match between Mike Romo and Nitro Kyx. Why did this match ended quickly? I have no idea. LOL!

The second match of the evening was between Super Mario Bert Turbo and Henry Parker.

Super Mario Bert TurboHenry Parker on his back!

The third match had Nick Casavantes and he faced the Magical Princess Kairee Paramour. The match ended with a little bit of drama between KP and Carmen.

Nick CasavantesMagical Pricess Kairee Paramour

The fourth match was an Over the Top Rope Triple Threat Match and it featured Victory, Rein and Carmen. It was two skeletons fighting one vampire. LOL!

Carmen aka VampirellaVictoryRein

Match number five was my favorite match of Macabre II. It was a Steel Cage match between Phil the Grave Bowler and Jay Alexander Frost.

Jay Alexander Frost versus Phil the Grave Bowler

This amazing match was followed by a match between Skeleton Pirate Pasta and Kian.

VAW Heavyweight Champion Pasta Lopez

The next match was another quick match. It was even quicker than the first match. VAW Legacy Champion Malaki faced Nick Casavantes. This match lasted for only a few seconds.

Nick Casavantes with his suit case.

The final match of Macabre II was a match between Gina Rose and Alyce. The match ended with a Mortal Kombat like Fatality move by Alyce on Gina Rose.

Gina Rose with her crowbar!

Alyce and her crowbar!

If you want to know the details and who won in the matches of Macabre II then watch the entire video.

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