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Forced Multiplayer On Overworld Map And In TOWNS In R59 • Shroud Of The Avatar

Forced Multiplayer On Overworld Map And In TOWNS In R59

Forced Multiplayer On Overworld Map And In TOWNS!

Today, I came upon this discussion in the official Shroud of the Avatar forum about a certain change that will take effect in R59 and this change has something to do with forcing players into multiplayer.

From how I understand the discussion, Towns and the Overworld Map are now Multiplayer or Open Mode scenes. Whether you are in Party or Private Mode, if you enter a Town or the Overworld Map then you are forced into Multiplayer or Open Mode.

Some players like the change because, they are arguing that, it will make the Overworld Map and Towns feel more alive.

I understand what they're saying but, for me, the thing that will make the game not just feel alive but look alive is by getting more players and you do that by properly marketing the game, fixing bugs and making the game FUN to play.

Forcing what little population the game has into Multiplayer or Open Mode will not make the game feel more alive. Instead, it will make those who don't like being forced into Multiplayer or Open Mode feel unwanted or unimportant.

In my case, the reason why I don't favor this change has more to do with game performance. For some reason, I get a better performance playing in Private Mode than in Multiplayer or Open Mode.

Forcing me into Multiplayer or Open Mode whenever I'm in a Town or in the Overworld Map sucks because, now, if I'm lagging in the Overworld Map or in a certain Town then I'll have NO choice except struggle through it.

Sadly, switching to Private or Solo Online Mode is NO longer an option, at least, in Towns and in the Overworld Map in Release 59.

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