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Shroud of the Avatar Player Earned $5000 - $6000 USD! WOW!

Shroud of the Avatar Player Earned $5000 - $6000 USD! WOW!

Shroud of the Avatar Player Earned $5000 - $6000 USD! WOW!

Did someone earned $5000 - $6000 US Dollars just playing Shroud of the Avatar?

Yes! Someone was able to earn $5000 - $6000 US Dollars in Shroud of the Avatar and he did it in just over a year. He even used $3000 US Dollars of the money he earned to buy a new laptop.

According to a post in Shroud of the Avatar's official forum and I quote, "In over a year, I have made about $5000-$6000. and $3000 of that had to go into buying a new laptop at first that later when they took away dx9, had to buy another computer to play the game again."

If I understood that correctly then he didn't just buy laptop but also bought another computer to play the game. Wow! That is simply amazing.

So, how is this even possible? Well, for those who don't know, Real Money Trading is allowed in Shroud of the Avatar. You can sell game gold and various items like Rares, Rewards, Add-On Store Items, etc. for Real Cash.

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In fact, if you have a strong enough Avatar or Character that can take on High Level mobs then you can offer it as a service and sell Experience Points for Real Cash.

Now, even though, Real Money Trading is allowed in Shroud of the Avatar. It is not officially endorsed by the developer, Portalarium, and all trades or exchanges are at the players own risk.

That means, if you traded with someone and he took your money and ran away then the only person you can blame is yourself or you can file a dispute with PayPal if that was the payment method used.

In any case, the developer, Portalarium, will not get involved in any dispute resulting to trades or exchanges or transactions related with Real Money Trading, at least, that is how I understand it.

As for earning $5000 - $6000 US Dollars in Shroud of the Avatar, I think that is pretty amazing. I've sold a few items and game gold for Real Cash in Shroud of the Avatar but I'm no where near that level of awesomeness.

I did almost buy a new computer back in November with the money I made in Shroud of the Avatar but I got sick and spent most of it in Doctors and Medicines.

So guys, what do you think of earning money playing games? Is it something you'll get in to or is it something you'll stay away from?

Post your answers as well as your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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