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A Reminder To All WTFast Free Trial Users

A Reminder To All WTFast Free Trial Users

A Reminder To All WTFast Free Trial Users

Guys! This is just a reminder, if you are a WTFast 14 Days Free Trial user then you were required to enter a Payment Method when you started your WTFast 14 Days Free Trial.

Now, according to the information that I got from WTFast and I quote, "A quick note about getting WTFast for free: If you have entered a payment method and began a free 2 week trial, you must login to your account and cancel the free trial. That way, you will not be charged when the 2 week free trial is up."

Reduce Game Lag with WTFast

So, if my understanding of the information is correct then the Payment Method was used to activate the 14 Days Free Trial and you must not forget to cancel the Free Trial when it expires after 14 days or 2 weeks because if you don't cancel it then you will be charged.

Anyway, I'm just sharing to you guys this information that I got from WTFast and it's basically for those who are still under the 14 Days Free Trial.

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