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Advertising Outside The Forum Is Against The TOS? • Shroud Of The Avatar

Advertising Outside The Forum Is Against The TOS? • Shroud Of The Avatar

Is advertising outside the forum against the TOS?

Welcome fellow Outlanders! My name is Kabalyero and very recently, while I was somewhat semi-AFK on the Overworld Map, a fellow Outlander said or asked and I quote, "isn't advertising outside the forum marketplace against the TOS?"

I guess he was referring to the name of my pet and it reads, "LOW PRICES IN BEREGOST". I didn't respond to his question because I thought it was a rhetorical question.

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Besides, I was simply advertising my Vendor in Beregost both of which are in the game and it had nothing to do with Real Money Trading.

Now, to make sure I wasn't breaking any rules, I messaged our Community Manager and asked him about it. His reply was and I quote, " long as it doesn't mention RMT".

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So, there you go guys, you can advertise or promote your in-game Vendor in the game as long as it doesn't mention anything about RMT or Real Money Trading.

If you need to sell something for Real Money then you are free to advertise it in Shroud of the Avatar's Player Marketplace forum but not in-game.

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