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CS2D Gameplay (11/26/2017) • It's Counter-Strike In 2D

CS2D Gameplay (11/26/2017) • It's Counter-Strike In 2D

CS2D Gameplay (11/26/2017) • It's Counter-Strike In 2D

I love Counter-Strike. I don't play Counter-Strike that much anymore but I was addicted to it when it first came out. I spent a lot of hours playing it and even created a website for it many, many years ago.

Recently, a new kind of Counter-Strike game appeared in STEAM. It's called CS2D and it's free-to-play. I was hesitant in giving it a try but my curiosity got the better of me.

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I downloaded, installed and played CS2D for at least 30 minutes and I had fun playing it. The gameplay was very simple but also very tricky. It uses the WASD keys to move and the mouse to aim and shoot but, since it's in top down view, aiming feels a little different.

I was never good in Counter-Strike or any first-person shooter and I didn't do too good in this game as well. I died many times but I did get a few lucky kills when I was using the machine gun.

The match I played in was a classic Counter-Strike match and the map was a 2D or top down version of DE_DUST2. Even the sounds used in CS2D were exactly the same as in Counter-Strike.

Anyway, if you wish to watch me die numerous times in CS2D then all you have to do is watch the video below.

Download CS2D in STEAM

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