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New Heaven (12/2/2017) • Bought A Few Gambesons, Used As Decorations • SotA Market Watch

New Heaven (12/2/2017) • Bought A Few Gambesons, Used As Decorations • SotA Market Watch

New Heaven is a new player owned town in Shroud of the Avatar and it's located right next to Verat Chaos and Light City. These are all player owned towns located east of Central Brittany.

I learned about New Heaven from another Avatar and he/she invited me to check it out which I did, immediately. Fortunately, I was already near the area so getting to New Heaven was easy.

I did spend a few minutes running around the Overworld map looking for New Heaven because the town was not yet in SotA Map.

To find New Heaven, I used the big map posted in the Release 48 Instructions in the forum.

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The first thing I did in New Heaven was to talk to the Town Crier because talking to the Town Crier gave me 100 gold. The Town Crier gave me 100 gold because it was my first time talking to the Town Crier in New Heaven.

So, if you are a new player and you are exploring or visiting various towns and player owned towns in Shroud of the Avatar then make sure you don't forget talking to the Town Crier.

Since it was my first time in New Heaven, I was not familiar with the town's layout. So, what I did was, I started my run to the right of the Crafting Pavilion.

At the end of my run and, after a little extra running (LOL), I found and checked a total of 6 player vendors in New Heaven and these player vendors are the following:

• 2:25 - LoT Raw Material
• 4:10 - LoT Epic Gear Weap N Armor
• 6:57 - Artifacts by the Lacedaemonian
• 8:19 - Aether's Arables
• 9:00 - Vooch's Sweet Deals

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You can see all these player vendors and what they are selling by watching the video below. Use the time stamp in the description to navigate the video.

After checking out New Heaven, I went to my Ornate Greenhouse Row House in New Britannian Market to place the Gambesons that I bought in New Heaven.

I also checked out the Seedinvest GOLD items vendor just to see how much Golden Items are currently sold and they are very, very, very expensive. LOL!

I then went to my Blue Tile Roof Four-Story Row House in Serenite to re-stock my vendo with a few Gold Ores. Oh, I had to go through a Forest Siege to get to Serenite.

And Finally, I went to my Ornate Greenhouse Row House in Bladewyke to replace the two Aeronaut Chest Armor that I'm using as a decoration with two Gamebesons.

In any case, I enjoyed my quick tour of New Heaven. It's a new town with Overworld access and it's right around the Central Brittany area.

New Heaven also has a lot of available Row Lots for anyone to claim. Simply contact the town's Governor for assistance.

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