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Brittany Wharfs (11/27/2017) Found Many Unused Commission-Free Vendors • Shroud Of The Avatar

Brittany Wharfs (11/27/2017) Found Many Unused Commission-Free Vendors • Shroud Of The Avatar

Brittany Wharfs (11/27/2017) Found Many Unused Commission-Free Vendors • Shroud Of The Avatar

The last time I tried entering Brittany Wharfs, it was so laggy that I immediately got out of there but that was many releases ago. This time, even though it was still laggy, the lag was bearable and it didn't affect my Avatar's movements.

Since I was not familiar with the layout of Brittany Wharfs, my strategy in exploring the town for player vendors was to stick to the outside path and eventually move inside and that was what I did.

Sadly, I found plenty of unused and empty Player Vendors in Brittany Wharfs and almost all of these Player Vendors were Commission-Free Vendors.

Commission-Free Vendors are very expensive. Currently, they cost around $120 to $150 US Dollars. So, seeing one not being used or empty makes me feel kinda sad for the Player Vendor. LOL!

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I guess, most of the owners of these Commission-Free Vendors are no longer active playing Shroud of the Avatar and, now, they're just standing there waiting for their masters to return and take care of them. LOL!

Hey, if you have a Commission-Free Vendor that you are not using then I would gladly accept them as a donation because I can always use an extra Commission-Free Vendor. He he he.

(As if anyone will give me a Commission-Free Vendor! Oh, wait! Actually, I did get two Commission-Free Vendors from 2 community members. Thank you!)

Anyway, seeing many unused and empty Commission-Free Vendor didn't discouraged me in my search for more player vendors in Brittany Wharfs.

I did find some player vendors that were selling items. In fact, I even bought out one player vendor. The player vendor was selling at very low prices so I bought everything. LOL!

Eventually, my running around led me to find and check at least 9 player vendors that had a good amount of items to sell and I ignored player vendors that had only 1 or 2 items listed for sale.

The 9 player vendors that had something to sell are the following:

• 12:53 - Items for Sale
• 18:24 - Glimo's Curiosities
• 20:27 - Wharf Master of Trade
• 22:43 - The Forgotten Corner
• 24:04 - Serge's Seaside Carpentry
• 33:34 - Chests
• 34:35 - Hungry Yes Sit and Eat
• 36:39 - Vendor Deadeye Pete
• 37:55 - Produce and Reagents

You will find these 9 player vendors and learn what they are selling by watching the video below. Please note that a big part of the video doesn't have any audio because I turned off my microphone to "cough" but forgot to turn it back on. LOL!

For those wondering where Brittany Wharfs is located, you will find this NPC Town right next to Central Brittany and it's very close to the shoreline. I guess that's why it's called Brittany Wharfs. LOL!

At the end of my run in Brittany Wharfs, I felt a little bit disappointed because, even though, I did find many player vendors but only 9 of them were worth checking out.

Still, I enjoyed my time in Brittany Wharfs and I will come back again to check out the town's player vendors in the near future. Hopefully, when I come back, there will be more active player vendors to check.

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